• 09 Feb 13

In the first edition of the exhibition “Traces of the Present-Day”, curated by Simona Bartolena, two groups of works coming from six different countries are offered. These are united by having participated in the editions of the Bice-Bugatti-Giovanni Segantini International Prize, which for 53 years has been organised in the city of Nova Milanese and by the Vittorio Viviani Free Academy of Painting.

The first group is made up partially of Japanese artists who have participated in editions of the prize throughout the years, together with artists of South America presented in the special section of the prize dedicated to them since 2009 and curated by the Bice Bugatti Club.



This second series of works has the characteristic of being the fruit of a double selection realised by South American critics and by the Italian jury which awarded, through the years, artists shown in this present edition of “Traces of the Present-Day”.

The particular organisational structure of the prize and the mechanisms of selection and curatorship have allowed, in this case, the unveiling of the double identity and the profound diversity of the artistic traditions of the countries of origin (Bolivia, Argentina, Peru, Chile and Ecuador), as proof of what Fernando Garcia Barros wrote in one of his works: “The artist’s space is not contained within the limits of the frame, but between the border of his culture and his vision”.



Four years of work now let us, in this important initiative that beats in the cultured and ancient heart of our territory, dissolve our borders and understand the “others” and their cultures. The present-day can not prescind from the comparison.

This exhibition wants to be, rather “Is the sprit of our times, the genius seculi, the Zeitgeist… and interchange producing new content and identity in a permanent and dynamic construction. The paths open in the frame allowing the coming and going of the woven threads and the progressive strengthening of the fabric, more solid the more its fibres tighten, and richer the closer these are”. (Proyecto maARTadero-Cochabamba Bolivia)


Luigi Emanuele Rossi
Bice Bugatti club

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