• 09 Feb 13

For some time contemporary art has won more approval from an unspecialised public. Furthermore, in spite of a stereotype that wants it distant, complex, only for those specialised, it is the mirror of our times, the voice of the closest reality. Heterogeneous, often unexpected, dynamic and lively, contemporary art should be brought back to daily life, offering the possibility of coming close and using art to those who have yet to appreciate it.

The Bice Bugatti Club and the Heart-Pulsazioni Cultural Association have concentrated on the organisation of events and activities that favour the approach with diverse forms of contemporary creativity. A meeting that can sometimes happen in unusual occasions, suggesting unexpected interpretations, changing the face of places not destined for art or far from the concept of modern aesthetics.



Both very active and tireless promoters of cultural events, these two associations, though maintaining diverse and distinctive characters, have always been similar in their goals and purpose, united by the same confirmed passion and the same will to enrich the culture offered by the territory.

Traces of the Present-Day in Open Villas mark the true moment of official collaboration between these two realities and is born from the common intention to narrate and spread contemporary art, putting it in dialogue with the reality of the reference point, in this case the vast area that extends from Lissone to Monza and Vimercate: the area of Open Villas.

Open Villas has for years been a happy tradition capable of involving thousands of visitors. The splendid delightful villas of our territory, undoubtedly, are reasons for its great allure (too often undervalued), and which certainly are worthy of attention. The event’s success and constant growth certainly are not a surprise, in spite of the sad economic difficulties of the public bodies that organise it.



Far from wanting to unhinge the workings of this already well established event, Traces of the Present-Day is part of the Open Villas event to introduce a small, but not irrelevant freshness to the event, without changing its identity, but enriching interest. From this edition, in the rooms, among the furnishings, in the courtyards, in the gardens of some of the villas, there will be operas and installations realised by artists of different ages, education and language, in a heated very suggestive discussion, between different aesthetics, according to a method that today is ever more in vogue throughout the world. The fruition of these presences remains an exquisitely personal fact. Each visitor is able to receive these contemporary signs according to their own sensibility: seeing them as protagonist or ignoring them, perceiving the relationship with the surrounding environment or simply reading them as operas on their own. This is not an exhibition. This is not a group nor a personal exhibition. This is just singular presences: traces, notes.

Among the fourteen venues of Traces a path is snaked within a path, an itinerary characterised by the presence of these operas.

The choice of the artists to involve was particularly complex. The previous experiences were strongly felt in the territory – specifically the projects Qui, già, oltre, Omaggio a Morlotti and Colori for Heart and the Bugatti-Segantini Prize for the Bice Bugatti Club – the two associations have decided to invite, for this first edition, artists who are already in some way connected to the two associations, selecting them also in virtue of the effectiveness of their language in comparison with the classical environments of the “delightful” villas that are the protagonists of Open Villas.  Therefore, Italian and foreign artists have been called to interpret the spaces available to them in different ways, proposing operas that go from canvas to monumental sculpture to audio installation. 

A heterogeneous and rich list is composed of both very young or emerging artists, but already worthy of note, and names that are already successful at a national and international level. The operas were selected in connection with the exposition location, beginning from the suggestions and the atmosphere of the site.

A complex, but certainly stimulating job, which we hope the numerous visitors of Open Villas will enjoy.

We would like to thank the administrations of the public and private bodies that have made this project within a project possible through their availability and collaboration.

Simona Bartolena
(President of Heart-Pulsazioni Cultural Association e scientific curator of Traces of the Present-Day)

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